Piano Lessons


Bissell, HeatherKline, YoshikoShimazaki, Yukiko
Dalton, DanaKramer, JohnTalroze, Olga
Fagan, JonathanLee, YunTanaka, Rieko
Fearn, KaezaLieurance, BarbaraTocco, Sarah
Ibanez, JorgeMorelli, PeterWilson, Elyse
Ishizuka, EikoReisdorf, ConnieZiegler, Laura
Kim-Han, JinieShibata, Asako


Piano Private Lesson

The piano is a stringed instrument and a member of the percussion family. A popular choice for children and adults alike, the piano is heavily featured in a range of musical genres such as classical, jazz, blues, rock, and folk. Pianists frequently play solo, accompanying another instrument or voice, or as part of an ensemble. Weekly private piano lessons begin at age 5 through adult. Click “Apply for Lessons” to submit a Lesson Inquiry Form to our registrar. (Also see: Suzuki piano)